Message from the Dean

Health and Sports Science covers a broad field of knowledge-for example, the improvement of sports performance, relation of sports and exercise with health and primary prevention, and sports management-attracting students with diverse interests. As it is an applied science integrating the humanities and sciences, fundamental abilities and skills are crucial. By helping students develop and enrich basic skills and deepen specialties, our faculty aims to produce graduates who can make a positive and meaningful contribution to society with extensive application skills.

The challenges facing society today, such as aging, increasing lifestyle-related diseases and the importance of primary prevention, as well as concerns relating to the physical strength and well-being of the younger generation, are becoming more and more complex. In such a society, I wish for our graduates to take leadership roles in addressing these health- and sports-related issues.

Our founder, Joseph Neesima, once said, ‘Anyone who passes through the gates of Doshisha can become a politician, or a man of religion, or a businessman, or an educator, or a man of letters. Those rigid in their principles are welcome. Those with backbone are welcome...”.
I believe a diversity of future paths is waiting for students who enter Doshisha and our faculty.