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Admission Policy

The Faculty of Health and Sports Science is designed to provide the knowledge, theories and skills regarding health, sports and their surrounding social environments in a comprehensive and systematic manner, with the aim to prepare students to be leading professionals for diverse careers in health- and sports-related fields, including national and local government agencies, educational institutions, and sports and healthcare industries, thereby contributing to the development of sports, and the promotion and maintenance of public health.

Therefore, we are looking for students:
  1. who have wide-ranging interests in and curiosities about health and sports
  2. who are able to identify issues and seek solutions on their own initiatives without being restricted by established facts and values
  3. who have a broad-based general knowledge, the ability to think logically, and the skills to understand and express themselves in a foreign language required for acquiring specialized knowledge and skills relating to health and sports sciences

For information on the entrance examination for prospective international students, please see the following website: