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Faculty Members

Aya ARAI (Associate Professor)
[Topics of Research]
  • Stretch-shortening cycle movement during running and jumping
  • Characteristics of motion-frequency in long term athletes
Naoyuki EBINE
Naoyuki EBINE ( Professor)
[Topics of Research]
  • Nutrition and Sports Nutrition
  • Energy metabolism in multiple fields
  • Water absorption and Hydration
  • Positively engaging in joint research with experts in related fields under the theme of human nutrition
Hanae ENDO (Assistant Professor)
[Topics of Research]
  • Intrenational development through sport
  • Sport for development and peace
Yoshihiko FUJISAWA
Yoshihiko FUJISAWA (Professor)
[Topics of Research]
  • Qualities of an athlete
  • Bone Strength In Athletes
Yoshiyuki FUKUOKA
Yoshiyuki FUKUOKA (Professor)
[Topics of Research]
  • Near-infrared spectroscopy and skeletal muscle vascular and oxidative functions in vivo in health and disease
  • Respiratory and energetic strategy during bipedal locomotion
  • Ventilatory adjustment at hypoxia exposure
  • Clinical therapy for FES and carbon dioxide in the athlete and the patients with CLI and heart failure
  • Exercise perception in spinal cord injury patients
Tatsuya HOJO
Tatsuya HOJO (Professor)
[Topics of Research]
  • Epidemiology and prevention of sports injury
  • Physical therapy
  • Conservative treatment of musculoskeletal disorder
Kojiro ISHII
Kojiro ISHII (Professor)
[Topics of Research]
  • Development and implementation of exercise prescription for everyone from children to the elderly, patients with a disease, and athletes
Tadao ISHIKURA (Professor)
[Topics of Research]
  • How to devise practice and teaching method to effectively improve sport skills and for athletes to perform their abilities to the fullest in competitions from the approach of sports psychology
Tetsuya IZAWA
Tetsuya IZAWA (Professor)
[Topics of Research]
  • Exercise and sports biochemistry
  1. Adipose tissue remodeling by physical activity
  2. Physical activity-or inactivity-induced skeletal muscle adaptations
  3. Effects of melatonin on biochemical functions of adipose tissue
  4. Chrono-physiology and biochemistry of exercise and sport
Kiyotaka KAMIBAYASHI (Associate Professor)
[Topics of Research]
  • Neurophysiological study of motor control and learning
Masahiro KAWANISHI (Assistant Professor)
[Topics of Research]
  • Sports for disabled people
  • Disability studies
  • Adapted physical education and sport
Keita MATSUKURA (Assistant Professor)
[Topics of Research]
  • Sports coaching
Yasuo NAKAMURA (Professor)
[Topics of Research]
Sports Biomechanics
  • Kinematic and kinetic analysis of sports motions in baseball, soccer, golf, etc
  • Kinematic analysis of the scapula movements in daily activities
Hiroaki NINOMIYA (Professor)
[Topics of Research]
  • Development of sports industry , Regional revitalization through sports and promotion of lifelong sports participation in the fields of sports marketing, sports business administration and sports sociology
Hiroto SHOJI
Hiroto SHOJI (Associate Professor)
[Topics of Research]
  • Development of new business models of stadium and arena through the collaboration between the public and private sectors
  • Estimation of the scale of the sports industry based on national economic accounting
Hisashi TAKAKURA (Associate Professor)
[Topics of Research]
  • O2 delivery mechanism during muscle contraction in skeletal muscles
  • The elucidation of molecular mechanism for exercise training-induced change in oxidative capacity in skeletal muscle
Masaki TAKEDA (Professor)
[Topics of Research]
  • Sports physiological investigation of sports performance and physical training theory
  • Research keywords: endurance, muscle strength, muscle endurance, muscle power, high-altitude training, cross-country skiing, Nordic walking, children and sports, cognitive function, cold water immersion, etc
Shunichi TAZUKE
Shunichi TAZUKE (Professor)
[Topics of Research]
Body, Movement, “Waza (Skill as Arts)”, Tradition, Education
Yoshifumi TSUCHIYA (Assistant Professor)
[Topics of Research]
  • Cell communication between skeletal muscle and tendon
Taku WAKAHARA (Associate Professor)
[Topics of Research]
  • Relationship between the structure and function of human skeletal muscle, and their changes by resistance training
Akira WATANABE (Professor)
[Topics of Research]
  • Efficient methods of instruction and evaluation in physical education
Masahiko YANAGITA (Professor)
[Topics of Research]
  • Effects of intervention with light-resistance and dynamic balance exercise on frailty, disability and metabolic syndrome among the middle-aged and elderly population.
  • A methodology on developing a support system for health-promotion by exercise in the local community
  • Field survey on dietary education and lifestyle in growing children
Ko YANASE (Assistant Professor)
[Topics of Research]
  • Health Science, Rehabilitation, Sports Medicine, Flexibility, Muscle Stretching
Katsuhiko YOKOYAMA
Katsuhiko YOKOYAMA (Professor)
[Topics of Research]
  • Sociological Study of Sports Policies
  • A Study of Cultures in Sports Organization

Supporting Staff

Nobuharu ASAHARA
Nobuharu ASAHARA
A former track and field athlete
Graduate of the Faculty of Commerce (1995)
Completed Master’s Program in the Graduate School of Policy and Management (2009)
A former track and field athlete and a former Japanese record holder of the 300-meter hurdles
Graduate of the Faculty of Commerce (1995)
Toshiyuki HAYASHI
Toshiyuki HAYASHI
A former member of the Japanese national rugby team
A former player of Oxford University Rugby Football Club (Oxford Blue)
Chairman of NPO ‘Heroes’
Graduate of the Faculty of Economics (1982)
A former infielder of the Hanshin Tigers and the Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters
Graduate of the Faculty of Commerce (1993)
Nobuyuki KOJIMA
Nobuyuki KOJIMA
A former member of the Japanese national soccer team
A soccer commentator
Graduate of the Faculty of Commerce (1989)
A former infielder of the Tokyo Yakult Swallows
A member of the Japanese national baseball team in the first World Baseball Classic (WBC)
A former chairman of the Japan Professional Baseball Players Association
Graduate of the Faculty of Commerce (1994)
A former soccer player
A soccer commentator and a sports journalist
Graduate of the Faculty of Economics (1992)
Fumiko OKUNO
Fumiko OKUNO
A former synchronized swimmer and a bronze medalist at the Barcelona Olympics
A sportscommentator
Graduate of the Faculty of Commerce (1995)
Completed Master’s Program in the Graduate School of Policy and Management (2001)
Atsushi OYAGI
Atsushi OYAGI
A former member of the Japanese national rugby team
Graduate of the Faculty of Commerce (1985)
Completed Master’s Program in the Graduate School of Policy and Management

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